Monday, November 25, 2013

meal planning monday.

oops! a week between posts! i've been a busy little beaver and have been utterly neglecting this space!
actually, to tell you the truth, i had my final assignment looming over me all last week, and everytime i sat down at my computer, i felt like i should be doing that, so instead of getting on with the assignment and just doing it, i did nothing for the whole week!

it is however done and dusted now, final assignment is completo (with a lot of help and encouragement from bb). now i just have to get pass marks back, and i'll be certified! yeow!

anywho, enough blathering, it's meal planning time!

last week was an utter cooking fail week. i'll blame the aforementioned reason for sapping all of my will power and desire to do anything!
this week is going to look VERY similar to last week's meal plan to be honest.

tonight, i'll cook up a fish curry. i bought all the ingredients last week (don't worry, the fish is frozen!) so i don't even need to go shopping! phew!

tomorrow night, i'll whip up some chicken parmas. i've got the day off from work so will have plenty of time to get some breast flattened and crumbed :D

wednesday, another day off from work, so i'll put together a pork larb (sfi, may '08, pg 55). it's supposed to be a bit warm on wednesday, so a pork larb shouldn't take much cooking, and should be delicious with some rice noodles and cold salad.

thursday night, i'm working late. i'll grab some beef ribs out of the freezer and throw them in the slow cooker.

friday night, i'm off to the voices of 2013 gala event! i'm super excited to frock up and meet some awesome people :D

saturday night, i'm batching it up! bb is off on a roadtrip to help get his brother settled into college for the summer so i'm on my own!

i think i might make myself a big batch of broccolini pad thai (sfi september '13, pg. 42) as it's not bb's favourite thing to eat, but i love it!

and finally sunday night, i might throw a roast chicken in the oven. if i put it on after work, it'll give me some potter around the house time, something i'll be desperate for after a weekend of work! AND i'll have time to make some stock with the carcass as i've got the following day off from work!

phew! a massive week ahead!

what are you up to this week? are you heading to the voices of 2013 gala event? what's on your menu for the week?

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kgirlknits said...

nice noms! and gratz for oh-so-close qualification ;)

You've inspired me to menu plan this week - we're having chicken & apple curry, spicy meatloaf, slow-cook beef & black bean chilli, cauliflower & pumpkin bake, and pork sausages with home-made potato hash...mmmm! Weekend is full of sporting and socialising events, so we're eating on the fly!