Wednesday, November 6, 2013

green love.

i feel like there's heaps happening in the garden this week, even if i haven't had much of a chance to get out and get things happening myself!
the onions in my front garden are chugging along nicely.

i do need to make sure i keep the water up to these guys... the front garden tends to get super dry as it catches all of the afternoon sun.

the berries are coming along nicely too

blueberries and strawberries. soon to be ripe and soon to be eaten for breakfast :D

the carrots i thought the cat had destroyed have made a comeback.

hopefully he'll leave them be a while and they can get themselves nice and established.

oh, and i planted more tomato seeds on the windowsill.

these ones are cherry tomatoes. can't wait until they're big and strong!

what's growing in your garden this week?


planettreasures said...

You grow blueberries? I would love to grow blueberries but I just assumed it would be too warm.
Maybe I'll be inspired by your posts : )

Sally said...

So much goodness.