Monday, November 18, 2013

meal planning monday.

i took a week off meal planning last week while i was in sydney but i'm back this week, ready to get my plan on!

tonight, i'm going to whip up a thai fish curry. we've had some whiting in the freezer that's been there for a while, and i've been craving a curry :D

tomorrow night, i think i'll pull some bolognaise out of the freezer and cook up some pasta. lazy dinner is lazy. and easy.

wednesday night is ncb night! it never ended up eventuating last fortnight so i'm excited to catch up with my favourite crafty ladies!

thursday night, i'll grab some chicken breasts out of the freezer, and whip up some chicken parmas! there's heaps of salad stuff in the fridge, and lotsa potatoes in the pantry, so chips and salad will be perfect to go with them! yum!

friday night, i'm working late. osso bucco will be a-cooking in the slow cooker for when bb and i get home :D

i'm heading down to my parent's place on saturday to get in some farm time. i'll definitely be grabbing something with them, i'd say we'll head out for dinner! can't wait!

sunday will be a big day! bb and i are going clay target shooting in the morning with some friends from his work. it should be super fun and we'll be having a bbq afterwards for lunch. i'd imagine we'll probably only really want something light for dinner... maybe i'll whip up a risotto with whatever's left in the fridge from the week!

sounds good.

what are you eating this week?

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