Thursday, November 28, 2013

hello kitty.

last week at work, i drew a 'hello kitty' loving co-worker in our work kris kringle. i wasted NO time, getting some inspiration from ravelry and getting started!

i decided on this pattern and on saturday, pulled almost every ball of wool out of my stash trying to find the perfect colours!

i'm pretty happy with the colours i found... a nice soft cream yarn for the face (leftover from the hexie project, i think), some yellow for the nose and flower (inherited from my nanna), a LOT of purple (originally from spotlight i think, i crocheted it up into a puff-stitch beanie, only to have it be too small for any human head!), a little pink (stolen from my pink heart blankie project) and a bit of grey and black of entirely unknown origin.

i am INCREDIBLY happy with how it turned out! and the fact i managed to get it finished by sunday night... i am LOVING me some quick projects right now!

the only problem with this project was, by tipping all of my wool out of it's home, and onto the bed, i am absolutely itching to start another 21093730984 projects. life is tough i tells ya!

this little project cleared out 3 balls of wool from said stash though, yahoo! stash busting is still happening!

do you like a quick project? or hello kitty? are you stash busting too?



Ana BC said...

That is so CUTE, Nicole! I am sure she is going to love it :-)

Mistea said...

That's one very sweet kitty scarf.
Yay for stash to the rescue.
Seems I've been playing with my new yarns instead of stash busting.