Monday, November 4, 2013

meal planning monday.

monday again! today feels a bit weird though, being the middle of the long weekend here in melbourne. not that it's a long weekend for me though... and long weekend of work maybe!!
thankfully, i've got today off from work which is giving me some time at home with bb, i've got lots of spring cleaning type plans for us today, much to his dismay ha ha!

anywho, meal plan, let's do it!

tonight, i'm going to cook up some beer beef ribs (sfi august '07, pg. 67) using some beef spare ribs from the freezer. they'll slow braise for a bit and then i'll serve them up with some mash and the GORGEOUS looking broad beans i found at the green grocer the other day.

tomorrow night, i'm hoping bb might whip up a batch of his bolognaise (his is always more delicious than mine...) which should be perfect to come home to after a big day at work.

wednesday night is ncb night! hopefully i can find something delicious there. or do what i did last fortnight and grab a food truck burger beforehand... it was delicious!!

thursday night, i'll whip up the meatballs that i wanted to last week... didn't quite get around to them because i forgot to get the meat out of the freezer!

friday night, imma be working late! i think i'll leave ben to fend for himself as i'm going to have a massive day, i'm heading into work head office to get some tests done for my course, before starting work at 1! phew, i'm exhausted just thinking about it!

saturday, i've convinced bb to make an asian roast chicken recipe that one of my co-workers was raving about to me last week. hopefully it's delicious!

and as for sunday, i'm not sure what i'll be having for dinner as i'm off on a jet plane to sydney! i've got my final practical session for my cert iv and i'm super excited to get it done. i'll hopefully be 280309237 steps closer to being done by the time i get back home!

what are you eating this week?

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