Tuesday, August 20, 2013

all striped out.

sunday night, i put the last of the edge on my granny stripe blanket!

it's DONE!

a little later than i'd hoped, but still, within the month...

the edge is made up of granny clusters, going around the edge entirely, rather than just back and forth like the body of the blanket...

oh, and some stats: this blankie weighs in at 3.1kgs. that's almost 16x200g balls of wool! and at $12.50 a pop, this blankie, like all the others that i've made, hasn't come cheap!
it has however, given me HOURS of entertainment and should last us for years and years.
money well spent? i think so!!

and it already has a big fan! pretty sure this guy spent all day yesterday, snoozing on it while i was working.
it's a nice life huh?

ravelry deets.

have you finished any projects lately? do you like to crochet?


becclebee said...

Hooray! What an achievement! Well done!

Mistea said...

I remember seeing just a small strip of this. It has turned out beautiful. And it's still cool enough to be sleeping under a lovely woolly blanket. Enjoy

Bec I am said...

My goodness that is an epic blanket. Well done, I admire your tenacity I could never commit to such a huge project!

Car said...

A bit late for congrats, but WELL done on the epic finish! it looks great!

So whats next on your list?