Monday, August 19, 2013

meal planning monday.

yesterday afternoon, bb and i trawled through some cookbooks and magazines together, dreaming of what we want to eat for the week ahead. it was a super lovely thing to do together, and well, this is what we came up with for the week!

tonight, i'll cook up italian sausages and beans. this is a recipe that bb spotted in an old super food ideas magazine (july '08, pg 32) and liked the look of. it looks like the perfect thing for a chilly winters night!

tomorrow night, we're trying out a beef, ricotta and basil pesto lasagne (sfi aug '13, pg. 74). i haven't made a lasagne in ages as i normally make a big pot of bolognaise, as well as bechamel to make it. this should be a bit quicker!

wednesday night, i'm dying to try out a recipe from this book, which i picked up a couple of weeks ago while shopping with my mum. the chiang mai noodle soup (pg. 32) should be a crowd pleaser in these parts. red curry, noodles, chicken, can't lose!

thursday night, i'll make up a one-pot beef ragu (sfi aug '13, pg. 28). it's topped with potato slices, so it'll be a bit like the cheaty-pie i made last week in the picture above... wholesome, warming, but without the hassle of lining anything with pastry!

friday night, i'll attempt these sloppy joes again. i defrosted my mince last week and then realised i hadn't read past the mince on the ingredients list. i had nothing except the mince! the pantry is well stocked this week so everything should go to plan!

i have this saturday off from work, so i'm hoping to have something delicious for dinner, as well as getting the house into some semblance of order. bb grabbed my 'cook with jamie' book and wants to cook the pot-roasted poussins agro dolce (pg. 189), but probably with a regular chicken rather than poussins... we'll see how it goes...

on sunday, bb wants to cook again! two nights of home cooked meals without me in the kitchen? i won't know myself! he's hoping to cook up mad moroccan lamb (cook with jamie, pg. 170). hope he goes ok with it, i'll be at work all day!

a new recipe for every day of the week! it may prove interesting...

what are you eating this week? trying anything new?

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RobynLouise said...

Hmmmm, sounds interesting. Have the antacid tablets handy if you're going to experiment? Then again, the finished products will probably all turn out totally delicious and more-ish and be added to the list of regular recipes as they all sound yummy :).
Cheers, Robyn