Wednesday, August 21, 2013

green love.

over the weekend, i got out and about in the backyard.
my mission? to tame the jungle of a lawn!


aaaaaaaaaaaaaand after!

it looks about 298720498 times better huh?

i'd been asking and asking bb to mow for me and well, i got sick of hearing my own voice asking and just did it myself!

boy do i feel better for it!

i also tidied up my passionfruit a little...
you might have noticed it looking super sad in that above picture... it may have something to do with our old fence being pulled down, the passionfruit being evicted from the trellis that was attached to said fence, and a new fence erected in the old one's place.
oh, and we STILL haven't heard from the owner next door to you know, get our permission to have our fence torn down...

i wasn't super happy to come home to a fence-less backyard, and you might have cottoned-on, i'm still not over it!
gah, rant, gah, rage!

hopefully, the passionfruit makes a full recovery!

what's been going on in your backyard lately? lost any fences?

1 comment:

Sally said...

Nope... just lots and lots of weeds!