Saturday, August 10, 2013

little lovelies.

a little list of lovely things that have happened during the week, keeping me looking on the positive side of things :D

my local green grocer, has a little space where they mark down fruit and veg that are looking a bit past their prime. it's a great spot to pick up squishy bananas that are perfect for baking banana bread and other banana-ry baked goods.
during the week, i picked up some reduced cherries. they were a little past their best eating state but i had other plans...
i stewed them up in a pot and they are perfect on steamy hot porridge!

the perfect breakfast on the cold mornings we've been having in melbourne!

yesterday morning, the weather was less than ideal for running outdoors so i thought i'd jump on the treadmill at the gym!
i dreaded the thought to be honest, i love running around outside, where there's lots of things to look at!! i whacked my headphones in though and literally bounced along to some good tunes.

i forgot that i had some pretty cool songs on my iphone!

tuesday this week, i spent some time in the city with my folks for my dads birthday! we pottered around the queen vic market and i looked at some awesome push bikes and even took one for a test ride!
we retired back to their hotel room, just as the weather turned yucky.

nice view huh?

it's my birthday tomorrow and i've already received a few gifts (spoilt rotten!)
how cute are these measuring spoons? there are matching measuring cups too!
i've already gotten a bit of use out of them too, measuring out things for the sticky chicken drumsticks i whipped up in the slow cooker yesterday.

i can definitely see myself doing a little bit more baking in the kitchen, just so that i can use these!

what cool things have been happening at your place this week? what's made you smile?

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