Monday, August 12, 2013

meal planning monday

it's monday again, and so it must be time to meal plan!

yesterday, i got all caught up on the great australian bake off. i kept forgetting when it was on tv, and well, it's better to watch a marathon of episodes with no ads right?
in any case, it got me in the mood to bake. and it got bb in the mood for pies... so i thought i'd use my day off productively today and make a lamb and rosemary pie.
if i'm feeling adventurous, i might even try my hand at making pastry, wish me luck?

tomorrow, i'm back at work. maybe we'll finally get around to having those burgers i've been banging on about for the last two weeks!

wednesday night, i've got ncb. i'll buy some fresh pasta from the local green grocer and whip up a quick sauce while it cooks. quick. easy. delicious. though i'll make sure i don't eat too much so that i still have room for cake!

thursday night, i think i'll throw some steaks on the grill. with some oven chips and a side of salad, they should be the perfect quick mid-week meal :D

friday night is my late night at work. bb has requested these sloppy joes, so we'll try those out.

saturday, i'm working, so i'll make sure there's a nice piece of pork belly in the fridge for bb to slow cook. we ended up having delicious take-away thai for my birthday, so i've still got pork belly on my mind!

sunday night, i'm hoping to try out that new pizza restaurant i mentioned weeks ago... we still haven't gotten there yet but judging by the reviews it's been getting, and the number of people in there at dinner time, it'll be well worth it!

what are you food plans for the week? trying out anything new?

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