Monday, August 5, 2013

meal planning monday.

hello again monday!
after a whirlwind weekend away, i'm thankful to have a couple of days at home this week, i can get organised for the next couple of weeks ahead, and settle back into my house-y routines, nice and slowly :D

tonight, i'm planning to make some home made tortillas, and i'll pop some tex mex beef in the slow cooker to go inside them. they'll be super yummy with some coriander from the garden, some spinach and some kind of tomato-ey concoction. oh and a sprinkling of cheese. can't wait!

tomorrow night, i've got some meat pack burgers in the freezer that i'd love to use. some fresh bakery rolls and a bit of salad, they should be perfect!

wednesday night, bb has requested some salmon. i'll go for a little wander down to the fish shop during my lunch breakand pick some up fresh, and serve it up with a crispy skin and some herby cous-cous. yum!

thursday night, i'll throw together a quick curry before i head off to brown owls, i've got one last tub of massaman paste in the freezer, so that'll do :D

friday night, i'll be working late, so the slow-cooker will be working hard for me. i found this recipe via pinterest and i'm really excited to try it out! hopefully it's yummy!

saturday night, bb and i are heading to a friend's for dinner! i feel like it's definitely our turn to have them HERE for dinner but when the host realised it was my birthday on sunday, she insisted on cooking. how lovely! it's bound to be a good night, good food and wine and we'll probably end up staying the night ;) safer that way! i can't wait!

sunday is my birthday :D i'm kind of hoping bb will cook me up a lovely dinner of slow cooked pork belly. it's one of his best dishes and it means that i don't have to do anything! woohoo!

what are you up to this week? what are you cooking?

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PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Happy birthday for Sunday my bloggy birthday twin xx