Sunday, August 11, 2013

24 before 25.

last year, around my birthday last year, i posted a 24 before 25 list. essentially a list of 24 things to do before i turned 25.

being that today is the big day, i thought i'd have a little recap of how i went, and what's still on my list for the year ahead :D

1. run 5 kilometres - done! number 1 on the list, and first thing to get done :D it's a goal i've been hitting on a fairly regular basis lately actually...
2. get inked - still hasn't happened... probably a good thing though as the design i had in mind last year, is completely different to the one i'm wanting now. might revisit in a year and see if my design has changed again...
3. get my passport organised - bit annoyed at myself for not getting this one sorted! it was probably one of the simpler items on this list and i've made NO progress. will get photos taken and verified this week. it's happening!
4. buy a bike

it took a year... my newest birthday present :D i couldn't be more spoilt!
5. make a bit more of an effort with my appearance - i started on a hair style a day challenge earlier in the year, but abruptly stopped halfway through the month for no apparent reason (other than laziness that is...) and then i cut all of my hair off! makes getting my hair looking decent in the mornings a bit easier...
i also threw most of my make-up out during the last few months. i realised that some of it was SUPER old and it was probably horribly germy... i've picked up a couple of bits and pieces and i've been loving rocking a red lip to work every now and again

6. visit my grandmother more often - i'm still not up to the once a month that i'd like, but i've visited a few times over the past year.
7. finish my granny stripe blankie - i'm putting the final rows on it today :D just the edge to go and then it'll be ready to share.
8. sell something on etsy - has not happened. i'm terrible at keeping an etsy shop apparently... oh well, it's not going anywhere
9. finish my cert IV - it's getting there... there is a final prac session scheduled for november so i'm hoping to get my butt into gear and get all of my assignments done before then
10. have more people over for dinner - has not happened. not at all. unless you count bb's brothers...
11. make the backyard what i want it to be - it's coming together. slowly. i'm hoping this will really come into play once spring rolls around... i'm hoping to make this season super productive with lots of produce to eat and share and maybe even store. fingers are crossed!
12. keep my car clean - i don't think i've cleaned it since this time last year. seriously. it's gross.
13. call my mum once a week - done and done. it's so good to have a weekly catch up :D
14. reduce my wool stash substantially - it's come down a little in size, but probably not to quite the extent that i'd hoped... a certain shopping trip probably didn't help... but i do have plans for almost everything i bough that day, if i haven't already knitted it up already that is...
my stash-busting plans have helped but i think it might be nearly time to re-assess those too.
15. keep up with my meal planning - very proud to have mostly kept up with this meal planning lark. it gets me organised for the week ahead and also helps to curb food wastage and horrible overspending on food that is no good for us anyway!
16. RELAX! - i think the key to this goal, was to find ways to help myself relax. i find being organised relaxing. i find a clean house relaxing. i find running relaxing.
quite often, when i'm being a ridiculous stress head, bb will try and get me to relax by doing nothing and it just doesn't work for me ha ha.
relaxing is something i definitely need to keep working on, but it's coming together slowly.
17. drink more tea - i officially cleaned out my giganto stash of tea bags and naturally, to celebrate, bought myself more tea!
oh, and a pretty box to keep my new bags in

18. snack healthier - i'd like to say this has happened, but it hasn't far too much junk is still being consumed by myself and my co-workers on an all too regular basis.
19. get my armchair re-upholstered - i sent some photos of my precious armchair to bb's mum's cousin who is an upholsterer and she thought that it was too far gone... now i'm a little lost as to what to do with it!
20. donate blood - another one that i'm pretty annoyed i haven't gotten around to. it's so flipping easy to donate blood! but i haven't done it. bad nicole! bad! to make up for my shocking ways, i'll book an appointment for myself this week!
21. keep saving for a house - saving is one of those things you just can't rush and so our savings are plodding away slowly.
bb and i went and had a meeting with the home loan lady at our local bank earlier in the year, and we still have a long way to go savings-wise. plod. plod. plod
22. take better care of my feet - this hasn't really happened in earnest... but it's something that needs to! my feet are a mess at the moment thanks to my recent return to the running caper. i gave them a loofah in the shower this morning, something they definitely need a bit more often...
23. donate to charity - i've tried to step it up a little this year. i FINALLY made a few kiva loans, one of which is nearly entirely paid back! i'll be sure to re-invest that when i'm back at $25, and maybe invest another loan too while i'm at it.
24. get away a bit more - bb and i have had a couple of weekend trips this year. both to ballarat ha ha! we haven't seen too much more of the countryside, but i've got plans for the year ahead that should see us road-tripping a bit more frequently :D

do you make goals for your year ahead? do you donate blood regularly? or talk to your mum as often as you should? how do you relax?

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