Tuesday, June 4, 2013

meal planning tuesday.

i didn't quite have myself organised enough yesterday, after getting home from my weekend away, to get a meal planning MONDAY post written, meal planning tuesday will have to do!

today, i'm at home all day but car-less, and i honestly don't much feel like traipsing about in the cold to purchase groceries, so tonight we'll be eating whatever is left around the house! there's some roast chicken in the fridge, as well as some pita bread, chicken wraps it is!

tomorrow night is ncb night, so i'll grab some dinner there!

thursday night, bb has put in a request for meatballs, so meatballs he will get! the meatballs i make are ridiculously easy, i just find the best quality sausages i can, and squeeze them out of their cases into meatball shapes! into a pan with a can of tomatoes, some fresh herbs and a slug of wine and served with pasta, delish!!

friday night, bb has a work function on and i've been invited along! i believe there'll be food there, AND we're both playing in a darts tournament... that should prove interesting!

saturday night, i think i'd like to cook up a new recipe. i saw a recipe for a fennel and chorizo casarecce over the weekend that will be perfect!

on sunday night, i'm hoping i can convince bb to cook us up a roast, maybe pork? his roasts are always delicious and i have the feeling that after working all weekend, i won't be in the mood for cooking!

pop over to pink patent mary janes for more meal planning inspiration.

what are you cooking this week? trying anything new?

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Polly said...

Delicious. I have a curry I'm the slow cooker at the moment, but other than that it is a cheap eats kind of week.