Tuesday, June 18, 2013

green love.

despite the cooler weather and shorter daylight hours, i've been trying to get out and about in the garden a little bit...

a couple of months ago, i picked up the little veggie patch co. books and they've been keeping me inspired :)

i've planted out some garlic into some pots, one out in the front yard and one in the backyard.

there are also some onions, planted in a garden bed out the front. i'm hoping they break up the soil a bit out there, it's rock hard!

i can't wait until they're both ready to harvest as they're something we use almost everyday in the kitchen! it'll feel great to be using stuff from the garden :)

there's also a pot full of coriander and one full of rocket, sitting next to our front steps.

i'm hoping they catch enough afternoon sun to grow in abundance! rocket salads to go with rich slow-cooked casseroles and coriander to freshen up creamy curries. again, i can't wait!!!

also, in the weekend just gone I spent a little time outside, planting out some beetroot, carrot and pak choi seeds. oh, and I pulled some weeds in the communal garden bed along the fence, waging war against a GIANT thorny weed thing. it looked prehistoric!
it has left a fairly large hole, and now i'm wondering what to plant in it's place... decisions, decisions.

have you been up to anything in the chilly outdoors recently? or is it warm where you are?


becclebee said...

how lovely! I've planted beetroot too, and it is growing a treat! I love growing food, I've never really been into growing flowers. I figure if I am putting in the effort to grow something, I want to be able to eat it! Your onions look fabulous.

Sally said...

I've got some garlic growing too... yours is looking much better. Maybe i should move the position of my pot.