Sunday, February 26, 2012

sunday suppers.

i managed to survive my first week of first time work! i even managed to attend a few social gatherings and rustle up dinner most nights too! more than a little bit proud of myself...
this week i thought i'd keep myself on track by getting a bit of meal planning happening, i've even got a theme to cook by...

cooking from the freezer!
our freezer is looking fairly packed at the moment... after a few bulk purchases of meat, over a fair few weeks, we're well and truly stocked up and i think it's time we start getting through some of it!

on monday we'll have homemade chicken kievs (chicken breast with garlic butter in the middle wrapped in prosciutto and tin foil and baked for an hour or so), teamed with a heap of salad and maybe some potato rosti too (need to get through our potatoes!)
for tuesday i'm thinking some lamb cutlets, some steamed vegies and maybe some smashed potatoes with fresh rosemary from the garden.
wednesday, i've got the day off so i might fish a roo roast out of the freezer, and fix it with all the delicious roasty trimmings :D
thursday, i've another day off, but have a tutoring session arranged for the evening. sausages on the bbq and some salad. too easy!
and friday, i'm working til late so maybe some kind of fresh fish, with some oven chippies and a big whack of salad.
saturday, i'm dining alone! thinking of a chicken stirfry, lots of vegies and some noodles. that way there'll be enough for dinner and for lunch the next day :D
and sunday, well i might play that one by ear... i'm not sure if bb will be joining me or not, so i'll wait and see before i plan anything!

do you meal plan? kate, wrote about her meal planning the other day and i must admit, it has inspired me more than a little. i only wish that our meals were planned around what was in our garden and coming fresh to our plates. something to look forward to for the future perhaps...

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