Thursday, March 1, 2012


last month i didn't write a monthly to-do list, something that i started doing last year. i'm not sure why, i think i was having a bit of a busy time with work and i just didn't have to mojo...
but i'm back with a vengeance baby! monthly to-do list is go!
first up, is this months bamcal squares!
i finished joining together january and february's squares yesterday afternoon...

and they're definitely feeling warmer!
i can't wait to get the patterns for march on (and off) my hook and to get them joined on to this growing blankie :D

in march, i'm also booked in to get my wisdom teeth removed! i'm having them out under general anaesthetic as i'm terrified of knowing exactly what would be going on, teeth cracking and pulling. eep!
i've got a few days booked off work, as does bb, so it'll be quite nice to spend some time together, even if it will be a bit uncomfortable for me. i've got plans of cleaning out and painting our kitchen cupboards while we've got the time off together but i'll just have to wait and see how it all goes for me! wish me luck!

this month, as part of my monthly reading goal, i'm getting stuck into 'the hobbit'
i've never been a big tolkien fan, i've found in the past that his wordy and descriptive prose tends to send my mind wandering, but knowing that the hobbit movie is coming out in december is getting me focused.
i've also started a little morning ritual...

reading on the kindle while sitting on my exercise bike. stretching my muscles and my mind. forever the multi-tasker! it's ensuring that i have that little bit of time to read everyday and that i'm getting some exercise. it ticks two boxes of my big 2012 list! interesting first paragraph that i decided to photograph... very funny words from ms. marieke!

and finally, as yesterday was leap day (a day where you should supposedly do things you wouldn't normally do...) i signed up to a sew-a-long. now the concept of signing up to any crafty type-a-long isn't unusual for me (hello, bamcal!) but signing up to a sewing one is! the full details of what we're sewing are here (you can join in over there too!) and i'm fairly excited! i'd love to get into the practice of making myself clothes and this dress is just so cute!

what are you getting up to this month? do you have a big to-do list like me?


CurlyPops said...

If you're having a general you may not have enough pep for any housey duties. I think you should sit on the couch and boss the Mr around instead!

Cas said...

wisdom poor thing nicole. the best recommendation is KFC mashed potato & gravy. no chewing involved! i lived off it for nearly a week when i had mine done (under general as well-im a chicken too)blanket is looking fab. good luck withthe sew along :) will be watching.

Yvette Adams said...

I had my wisdom teeth out under general for the same reason. I just didn't want to be anywhere near the operation! It was awesome to wake up and have it all over with. Here's a tip from me - be careful blowing your nose in the days afterwards. {nodding head} Speaking from experience.

I haven't read The Hobbit either. I read the LOTR books before the movies came out - just to please hubby cos they're the only books he's ever read, and he's read them several times. Can't say I enjoyed them at all tho. Apparently the Hobbit is an easier read tho. I might give it a go. We have at least two copies of it floating around here. I'm keen to know what you think when you've finished!