Monday, March 19, 2012

meal planning monday.

i thought i'd play along with the lovely pink patent mary janes and her meal planning for the week.
this morning, i got up nice and early to set up the slow cooker meal that i mentioned last night. oh boy did i appreciate it when i got home from a long day at work. melt in your mouth beef, in a rich and delicious tomato sauce, ready to be spooned over a little bit of pasta and topped off with some fresh and zippy rocket.

i may have used the hashtag #foodporn when i posted this photo on instagram earlier. completely justified don't you think?

in any case, i'd best get to the meal planning section of this post... my intention with my meal explanation, was to point out that i will be using my slow cooker a LOT over the next coming weeks (or every day for the rest of eternity...)

tomorrow will be the exception however as it is date night! i'm thinking mexican! there's a pretty awesome mexican restaurant within walking distance of our place that we've only been to once! in almost 3 years! can you believe it?

wednesday, i'm thinking slow cooked curry. chicken curry in fact... i think i'd best be off to trawl the internet for a good recipe :D

thursday will be another slow cooker day (i'm working so many days this week!). maybe something lamb-y? maybe lamb shanks? in a white wine and vegetable broth? sounds perfect!

friday is my late night. late night shopping = late night working. retail is so great, isn't it? i'll probably have soup at work (i've just discovered these soups in the fridge section in the supermarket, so easy, so delicious!), bb is on his own!

saturday i'll leave in bb's court. he's home from work all day, i'm at work all day. seems fair to me!

and sunday, well sunday i think i may just have to try out this mouth-watering recipe i've just found. yep. i can see this going very well...

what are your plans for dinner this week?


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

It's entirely possible that the only thing better than meal planning is meal planning that includes a slow-cooker. Honestly, aren't they just the best! Am now salivating at your pic and the delicious meals you've written about. Yum. Hope you had a fun date night x

Cath said...

So Nicole... how did your meals go this week? They had my mouth watering at the thought of them! Any chance you are coming to the next SAY? It is my last one before moving back to Sydney on the 16th...hope you can make it!

Anonymous said...

Yummo. I might pull mine out of the cupboard this week- thanks for the inspiration!

Do you have one of those fancy ones where the bowl/insert can be used on the cooktop first so you don't have to wash up both?