Thursday, March 29, 2012

my creative space.

yesterday, after having knitted a fair few dishcloths (using this pattern) i decided to play around a bit...

i made a larger, man sized one, for bb, as seen on my needles yesterday.

i finished it off and hung it in the shower for him, ready to use this morning.

i've also been playing around with the texture a little...

with this one, i've put another row of the decorative edge on. just don't look so closely at the top edge... i seem to have greatly lost concentration in the decreasing portion of the pattern, which is not surprising considering how much more difficult it made the knitting!

what have you been getting creative with recently? you can find more creative people over here!

also, would you like to pay it forward?


Max said...

I love knitted face cloths and have a pile my mil knitted, i love the colour of yours x

Cathie said...

yay, you made a bigger one!
I would love to say that I would pay it forward...BUT, i am a bit slack lately so I'd hate to disappoint.
hope you have an awesome April ♥