Sunday, February 19, 2012

catching up.

oops, it's been a week! and looking through my phone, i don't even have any photos taken to play along with sunday snippets!
i've been keeping up with my goal (of two weeks ago!!) to be more of a morning person, and it's coming along nicely. i managed to drag my butt out of bed at around 7.15-7.30 that first week, and then 7 this week just gone. it's resulting in more breakfasts being eaten (also cooked, bb is loving it!), lunches being prepared on occasion, and a fair bit of housework getting done too!

the only issue i'm having, that by dinner time, i'm absolutely exhausted! i'm not game to admit how many times in the past week we've had take-out. i'm more than a bit disappointed in myself.
i think i may need to start working dinner organisation into my morning routine, that way when i get home from work and am absolutely pooped, i have something ready to pop in the oven or a pan.
hrmmm yes, might be an idea.

in other news, i start official full time work tomorrow. i've been working casually my entire working life, so this full time thing might take a bit of getting used to... but not the holidays and sick leave, that will be awesome ;)

i've also started on a new crochet project. after seeing some crafty ladies getting their granny stripe on, i just HAD to get in on that action!

the photos from this post (with the exception of the crochet one, that was a progress report from the other day) are from a whirlwind trip to the country where i managed to squeeze in a night drinking with my mum, a quick op-shop trip with brianna, a ridiculously fancy fine-dining lunch, a pub trip with many games of pool, oh and driving there and back! big 24 hours!

how has your week been? any quick weekend trips? new crafty endeavours?

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