Friday, February 3, 2012

green love.

thought i'd break this little bloggy drought i've got happening by playing along with vic and her meme, my place and yours. the theme this week is green. i thought i'd share some of my green growth as the other day, when i was searching my blog archives for a suitable before picture, i stumbled on a few pictures of my fledgling garden. oh how it's changed :D

i shared these 'before' pictures in dec 2010.

when i first planted the jasmine vine in the ground after i saved it from a building site (which funnily enough is still a building site, 14 months on and they're still building...)

and when i first started training the ivy to grow along the fence to cover it up! boring fences are boring!

but look at them now!

the jasmine has gone crazy! i think the regular 'trimmings' that it gets from the local possums is contributing to it's mammoth growth :D and i'm in the process of training it to grow along the fence too! soon there'll be no fences to be seen! and because it's not my fence, i don't have to worry about what the weight of the plants is doing to the structural integrity of the fence, huzzah!

and check out this ivy! there isn't much fence to be seen on this side any more! now to start training it to grow up the garage wall and around the corner to the next fence :D

thank goodness for plants that grow like weeds!

do you have anything green to share? you can join in too!


Vic said...

lol at "plants that grow like weeds" - what is your stance on weeds that grow like weeds...?!

Looking very lush at yours Nicole, thanks for playing!

Jackie said...

Your jasmine and Ivy look wonderful growing on the fence.