Sunday, February 12, 2012

sunday snippets.

a snippet of my week, in the form of terrible quality iphone photos.

delicious chocolate mousse. definitely big enough to share though, will know for next time ;)

pedicure turned spa pedicure to while away a lonely saturday night.

breaking the third opped frame, bought to frame the beautiful tea towel that i received in an op shop swap. bb is convinced this third break is the universe trying to tell me something... i'll give it one more go though.

a delicious birthday cake for a co-worker. made from this recipe. cathie assured me this was a very forgiving recipe, even when i was a quarter cup of flour short and own the dodgiest oven around. and she was right! it rose beautifully and was scrumptious and so rich and moist.

and finally, brunch from this morning. so. very. sweet.

what have you been up to this week? you can share some pictures and join in!


ARTwendy ... said...

a very foodie ... feet-ish ... frame-d ... week ... thanks for sharing!!

Cherie said...

Ooooo looks like a luscious week ;)

Cathie said...

oooh, that foot spa looks like a great way to spend a saturday nite.
yay for yummy cake, hope your co worker enjoyed her bday.
have a good day, see you tonite/

p.s I promise not to bug you with questions tonite :P