Tuesday, June 14, 2016

accidental vegan ice cream.

after dreaming of having one for years and years, there's a brand new kitchenaid sitting on my kitchen bench. and in my mind, one of the must-have attachments was the ice cream bowl...
both were put to good use the other night, when i made accidental vegan ice cream...
accidental vegan ice cream happens when you're home from work, and realise there are no milk or eggs in the house, but ice cream must happen! a quick rummage through the pantry, and voila, ice cream happened!

close up of shaved coconut

you'll need:
2 tablespoons Foster Clarke's custard powder (it's vegan, if that's not so important, any custard powder will do the trick)
1 tablespoon sugar (i used raw caster sugar, it's what's in the pantry)
1 cup almond milk
400ml coconut milk
3 tablespoons shaved coconut

to make:
blend the sugar and custard powder in a microwave safe bowl with a little of the almond milk to make a paste.
slowly add in the rest of the almond milk, and ONE cup of the coconut milk while continuing to stir.
cook in the microwave on high for 4 minutes (if you don't have a microwave you could do this on the stove, not sure for how long though)
give the custard a good stir (mine was quite thick by this stage) and pop it into the fridge to cool.
after about 30 minutes, whisk in the remaining coconut milk and pop back in the fridge to cool further (the timing on this probably isn't too important).
when the custard is nice and cold, grab out the ice cream bucket from your freezer and set it up with the kitchen aid.
stir through the shaved coconut.
with the mixer on low speed, pour the custard mix into the freezer bowl. allow to churn for 20-30 minutes before transferring ice cream into a container and popping it into the freezer to set further. or you could just eat it straight away. up to you ha ha!

don't have an ice cream maker? i was reading last night that you can make ice cream by using two ziplock bags, a bigger one full of ice, and a small one with your mix inside. by popping the smaller inside the bigger, icy one, and smooshing it around a bit, you can make ice cream too!

have you made ice cream before? what's your favourite flavour?


Cathie said...

Good job! That sound delicious. Never even thought to use custard power. ..dahhhhh x

Cathie said...

Good job! That sound delicious. Never even thought to use custard power. ..dahhhhh x

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Sounds delicious! I wouldn't have thought any custard powder would be vegan. Will have to see if we have it here. :)