Friday, April 22, 2016

part four - the pretty snaps.

as well as all the fun, on-the-go and candid shots of our big day (or days ha ha!), our photographer, luke (who took all of the photos in this post), also snapped some photos of us by ourselves, in a few different locations.

close up shot of wedding bouquet a snap of us in our wedding attire in the local park

the wee park a few houses down from our place in blackburn...

a photo amongst the vines on the roof of mr. price's food store

the roof of the restaurant we had lunch in after our wedding...

hanging out by the dam in our fancy clothes on my parent's farm a running leap into bb's arms in the bush allotment on my parent's farm

my parents farm...

taking a moment to rest on the couch, at the archies couch enjoying a quick refreshment break while waiting for all of our guests to arrive at the reception hall, a few doors down from the pub

aaaaaand the adorable country pub a few doors down from our reception venue!

as well as taking the time to take these shots, luke also took the time to capture the small details of our day...

close up of a pinwheel, with my bike behind close up of the make up artists palette

as well as some cute photos of photos! including me instagramming ha ha!

a photo of me taking a shot for instagram a photo of bb's grandfather, taking a photo of bb with his nanna

and then there were the fun bits and pieces, like a series of photos of me chopping wood.

an action shot of me chopping a piece of wood

why? why not!

it sure does make looking back over our photos a whole heap of fun! and they'll never not bring a smile to my face ha ha!


Betsy said...

I have loved seeing all of your photos through these posts. May your marriage be a long and blessed one.

Cathie said...

oh wow, these pics are so beautiful! so much fun and very you. x