Saturday, April 12, 2014

on the sticks.

i've had this post in my mind for the last couple of days... but with the changeover to non-daylight savings time, i still haven't quite gotten used to the fact that it is dark by the time i get home from work, and darkness = terrible photos!
i either need to get myself a bit more organised in the mornings and get some snaps off before work, or put together a light box. probably both ha ha!

anywho, although i haven't been blogging, i HAVE been making!
well knitting more specifically...

a wee little pair of socks for the wee nephew. as i knit these up, i envisioned knitting many more pairs of little socks... babies keep growing apparently ha ha!
can't wait to see these auntie-made socks on some cute little feet!

speaking of socks...

i cast these on at the request of my cousin, she was after some wooly knitted socks, and that is definitely something i can do!
the yarn is on a cone from bendigo woollen mills, originally purchased at bb's request i think...
this is my first sock on double pointed needles AND with proper sock wool (3ply) and it is sloooooooow going! the needles and wool are so skinny, and the weave of the knitted fabric is so small! they look great though and should be SUPER warm!
i just hope they fit!

and finally... my on-the-go project.

a beanie! my first bitsa beanie for the festival this year.
these are always a bit of fun to make as i just pull some random bits out of the stash and knit them together! i alternate the colours and textures as i feel like it, it's very free-ing ha ha!

and knitted up on a circular in stocking stitch, it's the perfect project to pick up and put down at any time of the day, walking to and from the car to work, in my lunch break or while waiting for food, heck, even while sitting at a red light (shhhhhhhh!)

what are you knitting at the moment?


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Great projects. No knitting here. Just doesn't make sense to me. In fact, those red socks look like you are knitting with pick-up-sticks (did you ever play that game?). I've been crocheting dishcloths. It's about all I can handle at the moment. Have a wonderful Sunday. Tammy

kgirlknits said...

baby socks are just the cutest things, aren't they?! So adorable!

Good on you for taking on 3ply for your first socks on dpn's, too. That's a bit of wrangling!

The random pattern of the beanie is knitting up nicely - it's so liberating to just "do as you please" :D

Betsy said...

Beautiful projects! I enjoy knitting socks on double pointed needles. I've tried the magic loop and just don't like it as much. The beanie is amazing.