Monday, April 7, 2014

meal planning monday.

oh hello monday!
today marks the start of a week where i'm feeling semi-organised, and a LOT less stressed than the last couple of weeks!

anywho, let's talk about food for the week...

today, i've got a conference in the afternoon for work and have NO idea what time it finishes... i've thrown some beef ribs in the slow cooker with some other stuff... a la this recipe. i'll whip up some sweet potato mash when i DO get home, and maybe steam up some green beans too!

for tomorrow night, i've grabbed some roo burgers out of the freezer, and baked some bread rolls yesterday morning. delicious burgers for dinner!

wednesday night, i'll grill up some chicken skewers, serve them with a salad, and maybe some rice.

thursday night, i'll grab some bolognaise out of the freezer... i'll be working late, so i'll have some pasta pre-cooked, and ready to be re-heated with the sauce when bb and, later, i get home.

friday night, i'm hoping to head out to the grand opening of a new little yarn shop. i will try and be strong and not add to my stash... but no promises can be made!

saturday night, i'm hoping to whip up some pizzas... pizza and footy and knitting, perfect saturday night non?

and finally sunday, bb and i are heading out with some friends to grab some malaysian. i've been told that the place we're going is amazing! can't wait!

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Megan said...

I was inspired by your photo on IG last week, the one in this post, and am having a bit of a free for all pasta slap dash, except with bocconcini as I'm not big on goats cheese.