Friday, April 25, 2014

coming to an op-shop near you!

i've been thinking the last couple of weeks about the yarn that is currently in my stash...
a lot of it was bought from op-shops, or inherited from my nanna and great aunt, and the large majority, is rather disappointing to knit with.

so while i was doing my thinking, i came to the conclusion, that all the junky, acrylic, novelty yarns that make up the majority of my stash, were holding me back somewhat...
thinking about knitting with these wools that i don't like, was making me lose motivation for knitting, which is something that i love!

after a little sort, this lot is off to the op-shop!

4989 grams worth of wool.
that's almost FIVE kilograms!

and the large majority of it was this wonderful fluffy stuff! so very on trend for 10-15 years ago ha ha!

i emptied what was left on to the kitchen table to assess what i have... and also to share on instagram, there's been much chatting about wool stashes over there, and well, there was a bit of a dare to share ha ha!

all of my stash now fits onto my dining table!
though i did realise after putting everything away, that i didn't include my little collection of cottons... i keep them in an old beauty case, with a pair of 4mm needles, for dish-clothing on the go.

do you ever feel restricted by what you HAVE to knit with? what does your stash look like?


Betsy said...

I did the same about a year ago. I went through and got rid of almost all of the yarn that people had given me from relative's basements. I was the recipient of some truly horrible yarn, (if it can be called that,) and I felt obligated to keep it for some reason. No more. I bagged up 5 39 gallon trash bags of the stuff and donated it all. SO freeing and now I can actually see what I have to knit and crochet with.

Car said...

Back when I first started knitting it was feathers and fluff - I bagged it up a few years ago along with all the crap I knew i would no longer use and gifted it to a frienda mum. Several months later she gifted me a huge crocheted blanket with all that wool and it even has our names knitted into it 💗

I know Im due another big clear out which will hopefully leave 2.5 boxes. Which I need to condense by winding it all up!

Unknown said...

That is certainly a lot of yarn! I am sure you feel better for getting it out of your house. I'm sure someone else may find it useful!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Like I said on IG, my stash is here there and everywhere. It would take me a while to gather it all together. That feathery stuff sure isn't good for crocheting. Someone will be happy to get your yarns for sure. Have a good one, Tammy

kgirlknits said...

I find it so difficult to part with any of my stash, even though I know there's things in there I've lost the love for, as well as yarns I have inherited!

Good on you for the big clearout - it must feel liberating!! I'm impressed your remaining stash fits on the table (minus the cotton ;) )