Wednesday, March 6, 2013


the last few weeks, i've been working at a cleaning schedule. i've been scheduling all of the weekly type stuff, that always seemed to build up and build up, til i was stuck getting it all done on my days off!
not the way i'd like to spend those precious days off from work at all!

i've set simple tasks for each day, that i can polish off in less than an hour.
that way i can get them done in the mornings, before work, and i don't have to think about them when i get home from work!


monday - clean toilet and basin, water indoor plants
tuesday - clean shower, empty bathroom bin, load of washing (colours)
wednesday - clean mirrors and stainless steel, scoop kitty poop
thursday - change sheets and towels, water indoor plants
friday - make worm food, load of washing (towels/sheets)
saturday - dust, load of washing (whites), scoop kitty poop/change litter
sunday - vacuuming and mopping, ironing

i have some other things that i like to make sure get done daily, like making the bed and getting the dishes done.
as well as having a bit of a tidy up, and making sure our re-usable water bottles are full and chilling in the fridge.
oh and there's the outside watering too...

it sure keeps me busy!
but i feel like i've been a lot less stressed the last few weeks having it in place!
i can just get little bits done everyday, and then the house doesn't fall apart!

do you have a cleaning schedule in place too? is it something you're considering? what works for you?

sampson loves to help me with the housework. dusting is just SO fun!


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Every week I try to get into a cleaning routine and every week I fail. Cleaning is my least favorite thing to do. Guess that's why I can't stick to a cleaning schedule. Whenever I change the sheets on the beds, Jingles is right there to help. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

Lyndel said...

I would so love to have a cleaning schedule, but it never works out. mainly because I have a longer laptop schedule!!