Monday, March 11, 2013

meal planning monday.

helllllooooooooo monday! i'm in a little state of disbelief that it's monday over here...
it's a public holiday in sunny (no really, it's bloody hot) victoria so it very much feels like a sunday... but yesterday was sunday so it MUST be monday today!

well on with the meal plans then!
tonight, we're ordering in. chinese is on the menu as i'm not feeling so well and therefore have a hankering for some chicken and sweet corn soup. should get me fixed right up!

tomorrow night, we'll be wanting something quick and easy, and with a 37 degree day on the cards, something that doesn't require the oven being turned on would be ideal. cheat meal coming up! tortellini and sauce, courtesy of the kitchens of leggos. i'll put together a salad to go with it. easy peasy!

wednesday night is ncb night! so i'll make sure i get up nice and early in the morning to pop some osso bucco in the slow cooker. that way, when i get home, i can chuck on some pasta, serve it up and race out the door to northcote!

thursday night will be quite laid back comparatively. another meal of pasta, this time, meatballs! more salad needed too me thinks!

friday night, i'll be at work. so i'll make sure i pop some cashew chicken in the slow cooker for when bb and i eventually get home!

saturday, i'm working all day! so bb has promised to pop a roast in the oven for us! can't wait!

aaaaaaand sunday... i'm flying off to sydney! hopefully i can find something that's not atrocious to eat at the airport!

what are you eating this week? are you meal planning too?
pop over and visit the lovely pinkpatentmaryjanes for some more meal planning monday inspiration!

the photo above, is of the breakfast i made myself this morning. homegrown zucchini from my mum's garden, and leftover vegies from the crisper, served with crispy prosciutto, goat's cheese and fresh chives. they were delish!


Lyndel said...

its 7.30am Tues. can you do me a breakfast like Mondays please? looked wonderful. No meal plans this week, too hot to even eat at the moment.

Polly said...

This week yes, but every week is a different story! Your meal plan sounds great and I can't believe how hot it is down south. It's nice and mild here which is a welcome relief.