Sunday, March 3, 2013

bustin' out.

last night, i found myself with a nice quiet night at home, and nothing to work on!

i'd run out of threads for the woodland sampler, sewn the ends in on bb's jumper and wasn't in the mood to work on this...

another beanie that i got to casting on the other day.

i pulled some wool out of my stash and cast on a honey cowl!

this is a ball into the cowl, and i'm pretty happy with the 'waffly' look of the texture. loving it :D

so that's one ball out of my stash so far for the cowl, and there's also another for that beanie up there too! another two balls down!

are you stash-busting too? what are you working on at the moment?


Lyndel said...

glad to see you are still destashing, no time for me to knit this weekend, it was reno-painting weekend and I feel great after a successful transformation.

Mistea said...

Nice cowl. Lovely colour.
Small things are nice for a little detour.
Using stash is a good thing.

Ana BC said...

Both projects are looking lovely. The stitch of the cowl gives it so much texture. Beautiful!