Monday, March 4, 2013

meal planning monday.

a new month and i'm back on the wagon!
i lost it a bit towards the end of february but a week without a meal plan, seems to always end up with lots of takeaway food, with not a lot of thought for health!

tonight, i've got some chicken in the fridge, and some prosciutto, destined to become parmesan chicken. with some fresh salad leaves, dressed in some balsamic and a little garlic olive oil, it should be the perfect dinner!

tomorrow night, i think i'll roll up the marinated lamb i've got in the freezer and pop it in the oven. i'll serve it with whatever vegies are in the crisper AND some roasted sweet potato. yum!

wednesday night, i think i'll go something simple. burgers from the freezer, lots of salad and some nice fresh buns. perfect after a long day of work.

i bought a jar of delicious meredith goat's cheese the other day so i'm thinking it needs to go in a bowl, with some pasta, pesto and roasted cherry tomatoes for thursday night's dinner. the amount that i love a bowl of pesto pasta is ridiculous!

friday night, i'm working! so i'm thinking i might throw something in the slow-cooker for dinner. maybe, spicy caramel pork? it's been a while ;)

the weekend, being labour day weekend, i really want to DO something. i'm thinking maybe popping down to visit the parentals OR staying in all weekend and smashing out the massive list of jobs i've got to get done around the house and in the backyard... hmmm i wonder which bb will prefer... either way, goodness knows what we'll be having for dinner ha!

what are you eating this week?
pop over and visit the lovely ppmj for more inspiration!