Thursday, September 15, 2011

my creative space.

today i'm hoping to get some sewing done. some garment sewing *cue gasps and looks of shock*
i'm not a very big sewer but today for some reason, i have some (most likely misplaced) confidence.
last night at ncb, the lovely anna, kindly brought along two massive bags of her 'scraps'. in one of the bags, there was a massive piece of jersey knit and after a quick measure of myself against the fabric, i knew it would be perfect for a wooly winter sweater dress.

i've got a dress that i like in a similar weight of knit, so today, i'm challenging myself to re-create it in the brown knit i thankfully received last night.
well that is as long as i get my painting done first that is...

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the sewing I like the style of the one in the pic.

Lyndel said...

You CAN do it, you know you CAN.♥

Akamatra said...

Sending out positive energy and hoping to see your creation in a future post!

Fiona said...

Good luck!! I've not yet tried recreating a piece of clothing I already own, but I have a skirt I'd really love to be able to reproduce.