Friday, September 23, 2011

birthday celebrations.

yesterday was bb's birthday. he started the day with a little gift unwrapping, i tried to well and truly spoil him after he spoilt me last month.
he then toddled off to work for the morning and i headed in and met him for a most indulgent lunch. 5 courses, matched with 5 different european beers.
in true blogger style, i took lots of foodie picture.
first course (which i forgot to take a picture of!) was citrus and herb prawns, with a glass of hoegaarden.
second course, crisp cocktail sausages on mash with a delicious jus and a glass of stella artois.

up third, braised pork belly on swede puree with caramelised witlof and a glass of leffe blonde.

fourth course (i was well and truly struggling by this point), a delicious beef stew with smashed potatoes and a glass of leffe brune.

and finally, dessert was a rich and decadent chocolate mousse paired with an amazing cherry beer, bellevue kriek. so very rich, but oh so delicious.

it was so great to be able to do this together, it's not something that we would normally do, a new delicious and indulgent experience.

the birthday boy enjoying a pint.

and now, if you have a few seconds, pop over and visit cam. some not so favourable decisions were proposed yesterday and i for one am off to write some letters to tell some silly people what's what.

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