Friday, September 2, 2011


my word, it's september already! august seemed to go super fast, but that might be because i didn't do my august post until well into the month...
speaking of, i managed to get the baby blanket done in august (because i'm the slackest cousin it's still folded up and in my lounge room...) but i didn't really get anywhere with the design wall. i still have this pile sitting in the middle of my lounge room floor, waiting for me to have the patience to get out a ruler and centre everything to frame it (it's on my to-do list for today but we'll see...)

well let's look forward to the beautiful month ahead! day 2 and the weather is spectacular, i'm really hoping this is indicative of the weather for the whole month! mainly because my mum came and stayed with me after last weekend and mowed my lawn when i was at work. i swear, this is the best it's ever looked and i fully intend to keep it looking nice! especially because i've just moved the bbq outside, can't wait to get cooking on it!
also planned for this little outdoor space (hopefully this month...), getting some seeds in the soil and getting some veggies growing AND attaching some hanging baskets to the fence. fences are so boring pfft.

i also have a little project planned for inside! i want to get the inside of our drawers painted. i (shoddily) applied black contact to the bottom of each of them when we first moved in and it just looks terrible! a nice white coat of paint or two for each of the interiors and they'll be looking like new!

the sunshine and spring air has got me making crazily long to-do lists :D
what's on your agenda for this month?

now i'm off to the post office to post my (now late) craft swap craftings, will be back tomorrow to share!


tartankiwi said...

Well done for finishing your swap! I'm impressed.

Lyndel said...

hope you achieve all you want / need to. my list is too long to post here, but as I have the granddaughter arriving in 3 week's time for a holiday, top of my list will be de-cluttering the spare[her] bedroom, and finding a hope for a pile of old suitcases that seem to be multiplying in there.
Today was so lovely I just went for a drive!