Saturday, September 3, 2011

crafty swap.

i did get the little crochet project i was working on finished for my craft swap partner. i just didn't quite manage to get it sent before the 1st of september deadline. not to worry though, it got sent the following day, packed with a few other little goodies too!
would you like to see?

it's a convertible cowl! modelled here by the ever so helpful, fred the fan. i scored the pattern from here but in my usual style, didn't really follow it to a great degree... also i mayyy have had to fudge my way through a couple of things. for instance, whenever i'm crocheting into a base chain (to work straight, or in the round or whatever), my base chain is ALWAYS too tight! does this happen to anyone else? or just me?
in any case, i turned my crochet inabilities into a 'design feature' by decreasing the other end to match my terribly tight base chain. voila!

i also sent my swap partner a little crocheted picture frame which i found the tutorial for through pinterest (slight obsession happening with that place...). it was my original idea as to what to send my partner, but i wanted to make something a bit bigger and more useful. i have a feeling the cowl should be quite useful heading into a washington autumn and winter.

i hope you like your little bits and pieces kristi!


Cathie said...

the "cow" looks amazing and that little frame..oh so purty!

your swap partner will definitely be smiling when she opens her parcel up.

happy weekend Nicole, enjoy the sunshine ♥

Calico Child said...

oh you'r clever I wish I could crochet, thanks for stopping by my blog the lamp fabric wasn't upside down I had corrected it (silly me) I should have took a picture of my mistake so every one could have seen the difference & the fabric is still attached that spray is good stuff :) Have a lovely weekend.