Friday, March 18, 2011

there's always a reason...

the reason for all of my furniture rearranging over the last couple of days?
lots of new furniture!

this past christmas just gone, my parents bought us a voucher for a furniture store (they like us to be able to buy what we need) as we desperately needed a new bed.
so on the monday labour day public holiday, the boy, who i've decided to refer to as bb from now on, went on a little shopping trip.
we found a bed.

but it was quite below our budget so we still had a bit of voucher left to spend.
so we also found a lovely tv unit (bb has decided that we need a new tv that 'suits' the unit better, i think our tv is fine how it is)

AND we still had a little bit left over so we found some lovely cushions.
they're currently making the couch a very nice place to be. especially snuggled up with some crochet and a nice warm blankie!

so putting together the furniture, removing the old furniture and cleaning around and under everything took me the better part of wednesday and then thursday i spent putting finishing touches on the rooms and trying to trying to deal with the big changes i'd made (not to mention visiting the dentist for the first time since high school). i guess i'll get used to it :D

hope you have an amazing weekend!


Brianna said...

Look pretty! Still think we need to make some bunting for the bedroom, and maybe those cushions I sent you the link to...

Lyndel said...

definately Bunting.. yes! Good work on the new furniture, fitting it in and I know it's always a good feeling to have 'new things'. Well done!