Saturday, March 19, 2011

beanie time!

having temporarily run out of wool for the flood relief blankie (i'll be getting some more in my lunch break today), i decided to set my mind to something that's coming up fast, preparing for the alice springs beanie festival.
i pulled out the beanies i've made so far...

i've made 3 since last years festival and 2 of my beanies from last years festival failed to sell so i got them back. i intent to fancy the 2 that didn't sell with some crocheted flowers as i have a feeling that they didn't sell because they were too plain!
but in any case, half way there!
i pulled out the three skeins of "tracey" yarn that i had stashed from way back in september, and snuggled up under my ripple (i love that it's cool enough at night to be snuggly with mr. ripple) i rolled them into balls. i found that it's MUCH easier when you're not on a train!

so all three balls are ready and raring to be knitted up into beanies, now to find the time...

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Flotsam Friends said...

What a divine shot of your wool balls. Those beanies are so cool. Can't understand why they didn't sell!! Some people just have no taste! Pruxxx P.S. Thanks for popping by my blog and for your lovely comment. Px