Friday, March 4, 2011

a happy friday.

today, brianna and i met up in st. kilda for the magnolia square market being held in the st. kilda town hall this weekend.
compared to our last visit, it was much less overcrowded and cramped so a little more enjoyable (even though there were no cupcakes...). i spotted a couple of things i liked (oh those dreaded wanties) but the only thing i ended up buying was a birthday gift for someone else! leaving quite proud of myself, we then did a quick google search and found some oppies not too far away from us and had a bit of a browse and a little bit of a buy.
after a lovely lunch and a stroll around to another opshop (we stopped at scout house on the way. LOVE!) we headed our separate ways home.
after getting home and getting some dreaded housework and dinner cooking done, i'm not feeling at all creative or inspired. this weather is making me crave warmth and cosiness and i know just where i'll find it!
in bed!

with this.
i've been reading it on and off for a couple of months and it is the story of a couple who make a 'seachange' (sandchange?) to a small mexican village from la. it's the second seachange story i've read in recent times and boy does it make me want to pull up my roots and get travelling through the world!
in any case, i thought i'd share as i signed up for megan's book list right at the start of the year, and i've yet to actually finish a book yet! pretty disgraceful considering it's march already!
i've got my next book picked out too...

i found this while we were op-shopping today. my cousin lent me another of rosalie's books many years ago (yes i still have it. yes i suck at life) and i LOVED it! so i'm really looking forward to getting stuck into this one!

hope you all have a magical weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I am not famailiar at all with a seaexchange. I assume it is like a houseswap? Is it a vacation or a lifestyle?

I have been reading but nothing I think anyone else would be interested in. I should post some of my great thrifted book finds.