Wednesday, March 30, 2011

finders keepers.

i managed to get to finders keepers on sunday after work, just in the nick of time too.
some shenanigans at work meant that i didn't actually get to the market until just before 5! luckily i had knew exactly what i wanted and brianna had let me know where to find it...

i have honestly been eyeing off this little recipe book since the last melbourne finders keepers market. i saw it again at the magnolia square market at the start of the month and from there on out decided it would be mine! the lovely ladies at write to me also popped this little notebook in my bag too. so very generous of them and definitely went a long way in cheering up my day!

on my way to finding the write to me stall (although brianna gave me quite good instructions, i'm very prone to mixing up my left and my right...) i happened past the bespoke stand where i picked up my reading material for the week.
i also spotted the notions stall and had a good chat to rosie and picked up a brooch from her newly named 'wanderlust' collection. it's a little cute AND it smells amazing as it's cut from tasmanian pine. takes me back to campfires and oddly, year 7 woodwork classes...
it made me kind of ridiculously happy to pin this on my cardigan and sniff it all the way to the mother in laws and then out to dinner.

missing out on seeing most of finders keepers this time is making me feel i'll enjoy it even more next time. oh and i've just found out, i'll be able to visit a daylesford makers market soon too. i've just booked in for a girls weekend away on the same weekend in june that it's on! very excited to not only spend time with my lovely female family members and have a good old relax. but also to get to shopping and oohing and aaaahing over pretty handmade goodies.
yes very excited indeed.

now i'm off to get organised for ncb! have to make sure i don't fill up on to much dinner before hand... they have quite magnificent desserts.

this is what we had last time... fresh out of the oven!
hope to see you there!

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