Tuesday, March 29, 2011

this week...

i'm playing catch up... after 11 days straight working, i'm running a little behind (even in blog posts as it would seem) so this week, i'm playing catch up.

i'm catching up on the housework. washing, dishes, ironing, it never stops piling up!

i'm making plans to catch up with friends and family, ncb is back on tomorrow night AND my mum is coming over for lunch!

i'm catching up on my daily row completion goals for the flood relief blankie.

i have a goal of 4 rows a day to get it to lea before winter as promised. at the moment i'm about 16 behind. eep!

i'm catching up on my cooking! i've been a bit slack with the home cooking efforts, but a few days off work and relaxing at home should get me back into line.

i'm catching up on my reading.

i picked these two up at finders keepers on the weekend and i'm very excited to get stuck into them!

and last of all, i'm catching up on breathing, relaxing and taking some time for myself. major de-stressing happening this week.


Lyndel said...

destressing is good! lunch with Mum is good! ncb tomorrow night...good too!

Vic said...

I'll have to find me somewhere to buy bespoke me thinks, is it as great as it looks?

Have a lovely rest-of-the-week!