Tuesday, March 8, 2011

starting something new.

i've made a start on lea's blankie that she won by bidding on my flood relief auction!
it took a while (and a few emails back and forth) to decide on the colours, the combination and the size but it's finally off the page and on the hook!

these are the colours lea has chosen, orange (15), fawn (49), red (07), chocolate (24) and teal (37), in the moda vera 8 ply pure wool (from spotlight).
now would you like a little peek?

i'm only two rows in and that canvas bag underneath, is being renamed 'the little canvas bag of random', as lea has requested the colours to be in random order. i must say, this will probably be a bit hard for me, but i'm letting go of the control freak inside and letting the bag make the choices....

now please excuse me, i'm off to go and put some more random rows on a blankie and maybe have some lunch, pancakes anyone?


Lea said...

oh my i am SO very excited!

Lyndel said...

oh ah... can't wait.. Pancakes? of yes please, it's Shrove Tuesday after all♥