Tuesday, March 22, 2011

progress report.

after a very long morning of cleaning, the oven alcove is completely clean! and the outside of the oven (well the back and sides) are pretty spiffy looking too!

however, my cleaning methods were a little voracious and i ended up stripping a fair amount of paint from the sides of the walls. so i'm off to bunnings on my way to work to get some new paint and some tile or lino to cover up those floor boards too!
the discovery of these floor boards under the oven has made me wonder if they're under all the flooring in the house too? wish it was mine so i could start pulling up our (terrible) carpet to check!

a little progress report on lea's blankie too...

i'm 48 rows in (of a calculated 265! eep!) so i think i'll need to pick up the pace a little bit to get it done and to lea by winter! a fair way to go yet.


Lillabilly said...

I LOVE the colours on that beautiful blanket. Great work!

RobynLouise said...

Good cleaning job :).
Love the bright colours in the blanket.

CurlyPops said...

A little floorboard inspection trick - if you have built in wardrobes, pull up a corner from inside there, or inside a linen press - that way your landlord will never know!

Flotsam Friends said...

You put me to shame here!! I so need to do this to our oven (the wonderful world of old houses)... Oh I bet those floorboards under under the whole house... Wouldn't they look amazing... Lea's blanket is looking sensational! Adore those colours. Pruxxx