Friday, January 8, 2010

2010, 8 days late.

so i'm a little late with this post, but forgive me? i've been on holidays. and those adventures will be shared sunday most likely (back to work tomorrow *sigh*)

but new year!
fresh and clean slate!

a to-do list of all the creative type stuff i would like to get done (yup, i love to-do lists, they're amazing. something my father-in-law likes to hold against me by writing write more lists at the end of all my to-do lists)
* fill and plant out the 2 remaining planter boxes
* plant out the big planter box that's full of dirt but not of life.
* paint some canvasses up, my walls are tooooooo plain!
* do something amazing with my dresser, it's boring as hell currently.
* make beanies! 10 this year.
* finish big blankie. he's as long as my thigh now. i can comfortably cover my lap while crocheting, pity it's summer and that's the last thing i need!
* get some stuff made to whack in an etsy shop. i've been planning in my mind for a few months now, just need the time.
* play my damn guitar! it's been sitting next to my couch since i moved in, it's actually in the garage at the moment i think.
* organise the garage so it's actually semi-functional.
* write some lovely little poems. i have a devilish idea for these...
* two words, window boxes. this'll be another ask dad to help/make everything for me jobbie i think.
* make a cover for our futon. it's pretty skanky at the moment. i should really do this one in the next week...
* make myself some clothes from scratch. well patterns, but still, not store bought.

ok so that's about it. i'll try and cross stuff off as i go though i'll probably forget. should keep me busy for a while, you think?

holiday photos sunday k? i need to sort through them, maybe i'll do them in more than one post coz there's about 300. they're not all great, there's about 50 of peacocks. my other half's a bit snap happy sometimes...

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Heidi Vanzet said...

I'm also a rather big fan of to do lists... though my dad is the one that invades them with things like "remember your dad loves you" or "replace the Eros of form with the ethos of energy and evade the iron claw of entropy"...