Wednesday, December 23, 2009

blog delays.

so that last post was written about a week and a half ago... it's just taken me this long to get my photos together with my words, i've been working simply stupid amounts. excellent for the pocket, not so great for the blogging...
the money's been excellent for planning the boyfriend and my big new years escape. we're heading to tassie for falls festival in marion bay and then some touristy type activities. stay tuned for lots of photos from that!
here's a little ripple update for you all... it hasn't grown much for the above mentioned reasons.

and because i've been making some more of these...
i've been meaning to string them together but i'm still figuring out how to. any suggestions?

oh and i'd tell you about how marvelous the backyard looks, but it looks like a jungle... i had a bit of a crack at it yesterday after work but it's still a mess. delaying that old chestnut til we're back from holidays i think. too much effort in this heat!
so what's everyones plans for christmas? i'm heading down to mum and dad's place tomorrow night. night out on the town to catch up with old friends on chrissie eve and then lots of dinners and lunches and some working thrown into the mix.
happy holidays everyone!

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