Sunday, December 6, 2009

feeling festive.

on our last visit to my parents house, we packed the boot full of all our christmas stuff. ok so our tree and a washing basketful of decorations.

it took us a few days to find our festive spirit to get it up (and also the time to do it together, i've been working ridiculous amounts, hence long time between blog posts), but when we started there was no stopping us. we blasted out some carols and probably generally annoyed the crap out of our neighbours.
but doesn't it look lovely?

i like to try and buy a few decorations every year and it was fun reminiscing as we hung them on the tree. this year i think i'm going to aim to buy some more tinsel, good stuff though, i have no tolerance for crappy tinsel.
while the tree is looking pretty festive, the rest of the house isn't. i stumbled upon a lovely little tutorial from lucy at attic24 snowflakes! i know it doesn't snow here in australia, but what better reason to fill the house with lovely handmade snowy goodness? much nicer than that terrible spray on snow stuff that you spray on your windows and that then melts into the glass because of our 40+ summers.

i hooked up half a dozen or so last night while waiting for dinner to cook. they were sooooooo simple. except under no circumstances try this pattern with 8 ply wool and a 1mm hook, i did and i was nearly driven to distraction. the hook is just too small for that size wool.
i've actually blocked these, i've never blocked before because i'm quite lazy so i took lucy's advice and invested in some spray starch. it even smelled nice!
i didn't have anywhere proper to block them (like foam or anything) so i did them on the carpet... shhhhhh! don't tell the real estate agent!

they're still drying so i'll keep you posted as to how they turn out.

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