Monday, November 23, 2009

ripple update.

it's been a while so here's some little pictures of my big blankie work in progress. it's not quite big yet.

but it's almost lap sized. if you cross it over a few times :D. i've run out of wool for it AGAIN, but it's been nice because i've almost finished the scarf side project i've been working on. it's getting verrrrry long. i'm thinking i might hide it and give it to the lover boy for our anniversary (we're saving for a holiday so gifts will be cheap this year).

also my lovely mum came to visit today. and we got busy, spending too much money at bunnings again. 3 metres of black plastic and 10 bags of bunnings cheapest bagged potting mix later, we'd filled the biggest of the planter boxes.

then we got to sowing some vegie seeds. lots of them! i can't wait til they start popping their little heads up. will need to get some sticks from the park to keep the birdies away.

this little pansy had seen better days. i though it was done for. it used to sit on the kitchen sill in our old house and then got relegated to the bathroom when we moved. my boyfriend told me it was dying and kept smelling up the bathroom so it got moved to the outdoor table. and it absolutely loves it there! flowering again and everything. happy flowers :D

and THIS beautiful thing popped out of a horrible tree which was full of scale when we moved in and i thought would probably just die. it fought off the scale by itself and out came these little beauties. there's about a million buds on the tree so it'll look pretty for ages hopefully!


Domi_Nick said...

Good stuff kid, catch you at trivia in a few weeks.

nicole said...

bahaha thanks man.
will do. well maybe. sooooo busy with work and you know gardening and shit atm.
how's the office going down?