Friday, November 20, 2009

melbourne weather.

today it's gone from being horribly hot, humid and completely breezeless to raining, thundering and blowing a gale. four seasons in one day? yes indeedy.
before it turned into winter weather, i managed to get a little project done that's been on my mind for a little while.

remember this little box? i'd filled it with some sage, rocket and broccoli seedlings. and then i realised that as i'd made them out of treated pine and i hadn't lined the insides, they'd probably be leaching nice chemicals into the soil like arsenic. i promptly pulled all of my little seedlings out and sadly threw them away.

i couldn't leave it like this. looks so bare and barren... my first thought was $2 potted colour from bunnings, but there selection is usually pretty narrow. i wanted choice! and then i remembered the amazing looking nursery on my way to work, that i drive past several times a week and swear to myself to go and visit one day. well today was the day.

i drove through the magnificent wrought iron gates and headed to the entrance. how wonderful does the furniture look? ok you can't see it particularly well... but i LOVE it. one day i'll have a cute little outdoor set like this, instead of the sad number that's currently inhabiting my back yard.

and the choice here was amazing! the whole nursery was almost the size of an entire bunnings but only with plants! it was heavenly! i wandered around for a good hour, even in the horrid heat. i settled in for buying in this section though. look at all the colour!

i only just managed to leave one of these parasol behind. i love these little creepers! definitely one of my faves. i had a nice red one at one stage but it didn't quite survive the move. things kept getting "dropped" on it.

i got back to the car, quite proud of my self-restraint. 5 plants for $12. not too bad really.
as soon as i got home i gave them a quick water and had a bit of a cooldown myself. then outside i went with my little shovel and bottle of liquid fertiliser. i played around with the arrangement a little and am now very happy with the finished product.

so very cheerful! i can't wait til they grow together a bit :D
definitely need to go and purchase a bag of mulch in the next week though. this little box gets very dry very quickly in the hot SPRING sun. stupid weather...

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Mookah Studio said...

Tell me about it! It got to 36 degrees in Invy today. Nice planter box.