Wednesday, June 10, 2015


well june is well underway, and although i've had my plans banging around in my head, it's taken me AGES to get them down and into this here blog post.
better late than never right?

my goals for may were pretty simple... i wanted to apply for my passport and get some wedding things sorted, as well as keep up with the 100 days of creativity project i've been working on over on instagram.
i got everything sorted for my passport and popped to the post office last week, only to have it rejected within 30 seconds as there was a mistake. oops! i've got another page to fill in so hopefully that'll be sorted very soon.
wedding plans are slowly getting locked in. invitations are designed, save the dates are going out, catering and venue is in stone. exciting stuff! and the 100 days project is ticking away...

this month, i've got two big projects on the knitting needles, a cowl and a cardigan. i'd like to get both of them pretty much done... as well as make some cute little rainbow pieces for some soon-to-be born twinnies and get a pair of socks on the needles for my mum for her birthday next month. i wanted to knit her a pair for christmas, and then mother's day, and they're still not done!

i also need to get some wedding bonbonierre sorted, the plan i have needs quite a few months to come together so i need to get a good headstart!
oh and we have a house inspection next week so there'll be LOTS of cleaning happening around these parts in the next week...

what are your plans for june?

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Betsy said...

It sounds as though you have a lot going on right now. Wedding plans are so much fun, but a bit stressful as well. Enjoy!