Thursday, May 7, 2015

miracle morning.

last month, angie wrote a super interesting post on the concept of a miracle morning. the basic concept being that by following a little routine first thing in the morning, following a number of steps, you can get your days off to a fantastic start, as well as achieve greater goals by having less to think about in a day and being focused on what it is you truly want to achieve.

the concept simmered in my brain for a little while and i decided this past monday to give it a go...
i broke down the 6 tasks; meditation, goal setting, affirmations, scribing, reading and exercise, and had a little think as to what those things mean for me, and what i would want to achieve from them.
for me, reading and scribing are all to do with blogging. i find i never have enough time to read all the blog posts that i want to, let alone all of those that are in my blog reader, so i'm devoting my 10 minutes of reading to that. and well, the only writing i really do is for this here blog... and there's never enough time to do that either! with these two tasks, i should be able to pretty much stay up to date, which is something i've been getting a little down about falling behind in.

for the exercise prompt, i've found a quick and easy 10 minute yoga video, which i find just challenging enough to keep things interesting, but not so hard i can't walk the next day.
for goal setting, i've been grabbing out calendars, one for my blogging schedule, one for all the outdoor garden-y stuff, and there's my day-to-day diary. there are a couple of big goals i want to achieve this year (hello wedding) so breaking things down into little chunks and essentially making little to-do lists is exactly what needs to happen!

the two tasks that i've taken the most liberties with, are the affirmations and meditations. affirmations i'm taking to be a little bit of self-love, so i'm using that time slot to make myself breakfast and eat it. uninterrupted and completely focused on the task.
a bit of a stretch, but i figure it's the best thing i can do for myself in the mornings, make sure i've got some energy under my belt to keep me going throughout the morning.
for me, the most meditative thing i can do, is a wee bit of knitting. so that's what i've been doing for that 10 minute slot. 10 minutes of uninterrupted knitting, again, completely focused on the task.

i think a lot of what a miracle morning allows me to achieve is focus. i am ALWAYS multi-tasking, flitting here and there to try and do everything, and it's nice and probably really good for my brain, to just concentrate on one task at a time.

i'm interested to see how i go with this concept moving forward, particularly as the mornings are getting colder and darker...

have you ever heard of a miracle morning? is it something you've tried? do you think it would work for you?


Megan said...

It sounds interesting but i know I would never get out of bed early enough to do all those things before work! How is it working out so far?

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Interesting. So you do this routine every morning. 10 minutes on each? I'll have to read more. I've never been that structured before. :) Good luck! Tammy

kgirlknits said...

yay for yoga making the list! :)

this sounds like an excellent start to the day, this miracle morning stuff