Tuesday, May 5, 2015

100 days of creativity - week 3.

days 15-21 saw me getting in some colouring (you can too here), as well as knitting a bit more on the purple baby blankie i started last week, and working on a couple of beanies.

ooh there was also a little bit of swatching for a new product that we started stocking in the yarn shop that i work now.
one of the big changes i anticipated happening this year was doing a couple of days work a week in a yarn shop! it is really just as excellent as it sounds. talking about yarn and knitting and crochet all day is an absolute dream.

what have you been creating this week? do you have a local yarn shop you frequent?

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Megan said...

How nice would that be, working in a yarn shop! Fingers crossed that all falls into place for you. There are no really good yarn shops in Perth, there was one but it closed a while ago.