Saturday, May 2, 2015


once again, it's the start of another month, and once again, i'm not quite dealing with just how quickly the past month went. april is over? really?
the super quick passing of time might have had something to do with me not getting my start-of-the-month post done until midway through the month... oh well!

my goals for april were pretty simple, keep up with the 100 days project on instagram (there's a wrap up of week 1 here, and week two here) and get bb and my birth certificates sorted. done and DONE! woohoo!

and now for may?
well i'd like to keep up with the 100 days project, today is day 27 so there'll be a photo every day with a little bit of creativity for the month.
as well as actually APPLYING for my passport, now that every thing is done. fingers crossed it goes through without a hitch.
there's also some wedding invitations that need designing, as well as some catering and other things that need to be locked in. getting things done!

what are your plans for this month? have you ever planned a wedding?

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